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west michigan construction institute

Impact Report - 2024

Note from the Board Chair

Tony Roussey | EV Construction

Reflecting on the past year, I am pleased to present our 2024 annual report. Despite opening just two short years ago, the West Michigan Construction Institute’s growth is remarkable. Our mission to strengthen communities through construction trades education is seeing tangible results. Since our inception, our high school program enrollments have tripled, our adult craft training offerings have expanded, and our professional development courses have broadened.

Looking ahead, we’re expanding our high school program to include the electrical trade. Additionally, we’re adding an adult craft training drywall program and deepening partnerships with institutions like Kent Intermediate School District and Grand Rapids Community College. This success reflects our board’s vision: to equip the next generation for lifelong construction careers. Together, let’s continue building a future where opportunities flourish, and communities thrive.


A key driver to WMCI’s growth has been the generous support we’ve received from the community. Thank you!


Total: $1,210,374


Total: $1,192,824

Tony Roussey | EV Construction

Students - Adult Craft Training

Hundreds of regional construction firms came together to develop the facility, identify the programs, provide materials and equipment, and enhance the classroom and lab experience through their employees and subject matter experts; who bring the construction world into our facility through relevant instruction. Our craft training program uses the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) curriculum, which is approved by the Department of Labor.

Student numbers

Student Growth

Students - High School CTE program

“This year I’ve appreciated having such a diverse group of instructors. Learning a bunch of different outlooks and approaches to how they’re successful in the trades. They have been great role models. It’s made me feel a lot more confident to get out there and not be shy. It built character in addition to building things.”

 – Ben | Jenison High School

'23 - '24 School Districts

(represented by amount of students enrolled)

Student Growth

Note from a WMCI Donor

What really attracted me to WMCI is that their mission and their “product”, so to speak, is tangible, holistic and serves the community in a variety of ways. WMCI is the result of years of hard work, foresight and the cooperation of the West Michigan building community. WMCI connects people who want quality job-opportunities with the education and in-demand skills that are required. You can watch the students progress and gain meaningful employment that provides them, and often their families, with greater opportunities that lead to greater independence. I have been a individual and corporate donor with WMCI since 2021.

Headshot of Kyle Pung from Pluene

WMCI is the result of years of hard work, foresight and the cooperation of the West Michigan building community. Without the community, WMCI never would have gotten off the ground, and without the community it would have been able to thrive to the point of already building out. WMCI would not be able to have the Summer Camps, the Construction Rally or community awareness and appreciation events. Without community involvement, an untold number of potential students would never get the opportunity to learn these skills (at least not in our region through a merit shop) and an untold number of current students would have significantly more limited future opportunities.

Note from the President

In January 2022, we transformed Owen-Ames-Kimball’s warehouse into the West Michigan Construction Institute, opening with 7 classrooms and 2 labs. Just two years later, we’re expanding with 2 more labs and classrooms, thanks to the support of West Michigan’s commercial construction industry and visionary funders like the MEDC and Kent County.

Over this time, our impact has been profound: tripling high school enrollment, expanding adult craft training, and broadening professional development. Looking ahead, our growth trajectory remains strong.

At WMCI, we’re more than just a training center; we’re a hub of connection, where students forge both practical skills and lasting relationships with potential employers. It’s with pride that we see WMCI alumni making their mark on our community. The increasing interest in construction education among our next generation fills me with optimism for our industry.

A personal thank you to WMCI’s visionary board of directors and our exceptional staff who are propelling our growth.

Yours for our industry,



A blueprint shows the plans for the WMCI expansion of summer 2024 - adding new office and lab spaces.3D rendering Dan Vos Construction created to model out the WMCI facilities expansion.

Download print copy of the WMCI Impact Report

Interested in getting involved with wmci?

Here are three ways you can be a part of the continued growth:

1. advocate

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is open doors for future construction professionals. Let them know about the opportunities available to launch a successful career in construction.

2. support

WMCI exists because of the generous supporter from those passionate about our mission. Your tax deductible donation helps create new programs, equipment, and tuition assistance

3. Visit

Hopefully the WMCI stories inspire action, but seeing is believing! You and your team, family, or organization are always welcome to visit the institute for a tour.