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Sprinkler Fitting III

This course covers various aspects of sprinkler systems, including water supplies, fire pump systems, standpipes, deluge and pre-action sprinkler systems, and application-specific and special sprinklers.

Registration for Sprinkler Fitting III is closed and will reopen for the Fall 2024 Semester. 

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Two sprinkler fitting construction workers

Course Description

Sprinkler Fitting III modules topics include identifying system components, NFPA requirements, acceptance testing, and installation procedures.


Prerequisite: Employer Approval

Course Details
Credentials Earned

instructor: Jason Engle

Instructor Title, Company

Jason Engle Sprinkler Fitting 3 Instructor

sprinkler fitting III Curriculum

Water Supplies

Identifies the chemical and physical properties of water. Covers the water supplies available for sprinkler systems, including tanks and municipal water supply systems. Describes the procedures and NFPA requirements for waterflow testing.

Fire Pump Systems

Identifies various types of fire pump systems and their components, including pumps, drivers, controllers, and sensing lines. Describes fire pump system pre-checks and start-up/acceptance testing.


Identifies different types and classifications of standpipe systems. Covers hose valves and adapters used with these systems. Describes procedures and NFPA requirements for acceptance testing.

Deluge and Preaction Sprinkler Systems

Describes the operation, installation, and NFPA 13 requirements for deluge and preaction sprinkler systems. Covers initiating and notification devices. Provides an overview of acceptance testing, including completing a Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Aboveground Piping for these systems.

Application-Specific and Special Sprinklers

Covers application-specific sprinklers, including extended coverage sprinklers, residential sprinklers, control mode specific application (CMSA) sprinklers, and early suppression fast-response (ESFR) sprinklers. Describes the area of coverage, positioning, and obstruction requirements for each type. Covers special sprinklers and their uses.

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Registration for Sprinkler Fitting III is now closed.