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Sprinkler Fitting II

Building on the competencies learned in Sprinkler Fitting I, this course is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required for the installation, operation, and maintenance of various sprinkler systems.

Two sprinkler fitting construction workers adjust a sprinkler system

Course Description

Sprinkler Fitting II modules cover hangers, supports, and restraints, valves, math principles, shop drawings, standard spray sprinklers, wet and dry pipe sprinkler systems, and basic system troubleshooting procedures.


Prerequisites: Sprinkler Fitting I or Employer Approval

Course Details
Credentials Earned

instructor: John Norton

InspectorTotal Fire Protection

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sprinkler fitting I Curriculum

Hangers, Supports, and Restraints

This module identifies strength/spacing requirements, types, and installation of pipe hangers, supports, and restraints. It also covers the installation of firestopping.

General Purpose Valves

This module explains the valves used to start, stop, direct, and regulate water flow in sprinkler systems. It covers the operation, applications, and basic maintenance of various valves, including indicating control valves, trim valves, check valves, hose valves, pressure control valves, and air venting valves.

Math for Sprinkler Fitters

This module reviews basic mathematical principles and explains how to apply them to various sprinkler fitting calculations, including floor areas, pitch, offsets, sprinkler spacing, pressure, and volume.

Shop Drawings

This module covers the shop drawings used in sprinkler fitting. It describes the symbols used for various sprinkler system components and explains how to use a shop drawing to identify the types and locations of piping and components. It also provides an overview of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Standard Spray Sprinkles

This module describes the characteristics of standard spray sprinklers. It also covers types of construction, NFPA 13 light and ordinary hazard occupancy classifications, and installation considerations.

Wet Pipe Sprinkler System

This module describes the operation and installation of wet pipe sprinkler systems. It covers various system controls and switches and explains how they operate. It also describes how to complete a Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Aboveground Piping and provides an overview of basic system troubleshooting procedures.

Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems

This module describes the operation and installation of dry pipe sprinkler systems. It covers differential and mechanical dry pipe valves and trim, including switches, gauges, air sources, accelerators, and drains. It also provides an overview of basic system troubleshooting and acceptance testing procedures, including the completion of a Contractor’s Material and Test Certificate for Aboveground Piping for a dry pipe sprinkler system.

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