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ASHE Health Care Construction Workshop

Course Description

Gain the knowledge and expertise to win new healthcare construction projects and complete them safely, efficiently, and at the highest level of quality.

Completely updated to include the latest ruling from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the ASHE Health Care Construction Workshop combines an e-learning course and a two-day seminar. The program offers education with a comprehensive risk management approach to critical topics in health care construction. 

This is an official ASHE program being hosted by the West Michigan Construction Institute. Pricing, registration, and coordination of these events are determined by WMCI. Registrations for this program are not transferable to other ASHE courses.


Credentials earned
aha continuing education credits earned

Course information

Who should attend?

This program is structured for health care equipment providers and health care facility managers, as well as construction project managers and infection preventionists wanting to learn more about construction.

The Health Care Construction Certificate and Exam

At the end of the two day course, students will be fully prepared and have the opportunity to take the ASHE HCC exam. After passing the exam, the HCC certificate shows that graduates have been trained to work in the healthcare construction environment. This positions graduates as desirable candidates for healthcare construction projects.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Articulate factors that are unique to the planning, design, construction, and renovation of health care facilities and implement best practices based on those factors.

Module 2

Implement plans for providing a safe health care environment during construction and renovation of healthcare facilities.

Module 3

Identify codes and standards compliance issues that are impacted during planning, design, construction, renovation, and implement measures to ensure compliance.

Module 4

Facilitate and effectively participate in communication with the healthcare construction or renovation project team and stakeholders.

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