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Understanding Construction Documents (UCD)

This popular course provides an introductory understanding of how to read and interpret the various forms of construction documents for all areas of construction with an emphasis on architectural and structural trades.


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Course Description

Students will practice analyzing drawings of the various trade disciplines and see how information is referenced throughout a set of construction documents.


The course highlights the inter-relationship between the various disciplines, included in sets of blueprints from a simple duplex to a more complicated school addition. Finally, students will learn how inconsistencies are treated and resolved in construction documents.



Keith Vandenbergh

Course details

Who Should Attend?

This course is structured for the tradesperson who is just entering the field, or for the person that is transitioning into a position that requires a good understanding of how construction documents are related to each other. The class will also demonstrate how the different disciplines correlate with other trades.


The Understanding Construction Documents program lasts a total of 5 weeks.

Week 1: Overview of the Construction Documents, Terminology, Site plans
Week 2: Site plans (cont’d), Foundations, Building Framing
Week 3: Framing (cont’d), Building Enclosure, Partitioning
Week 4: Interior Finishing, Chasing the Details
Week 5: Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical plans, Specifications, Bid Manuals