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Concrete I

Gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to become a successful concrete finisher.

Registration for Concrete I is closed and will reopen for the Fall 2024 Semester. 

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Course Description

Beginning with the essentials of concrete safety, tools, and equipment, the course progresses into a variety of commercial concrete applications, including placement, reinforcing, formwork and finishing. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to work successfully in the concrete industry. 


Prerequisites: CORE certification or Employer Approval

Course details
credentials earned

instructor: Trevor Gates

Trevor Gates

Quality Control Manager,

Grand Rapids Gravel Company

"Dave was the best. It was so helpful to learn from someone who actually comes from the industry and has so much experience."
Concrete I Graduate
Fall Semester '22

Course modules

Introduction to Concrete Construction

Introduces the role of concrete in construction and identifies basic concrete properties and characteristics. Provides an overview of the concrete construction process, identifies opportunities available to concrete craftworkers, and describes the purpose and structure of apprenticeship programs.

Concrete Safety

Describes the role of OSHA in the workplace and presents safety hazards unique to the concrete construction environment, including the control of silica dust. Identifies and describes the PPE concrete craftworkers commonly require.

Fall Protection Orientation

Covers fundamental safety and hazard recognition concepts. Introduces the role of OSHA in regulating elevated work on the jobsite and the causes, costs, and consequences of falls. Presents proper use of fall protection equipment; safe use of stairs, ladders, and scaffolds; and guidelines for use of aerial lifts.

Concrete Tools and Equipment

Introduces trainees to a wide variety of both hand tools and powered equipment used in concrete construction, including screeds, floats, trowels, saws, grinders, and mixing equipment. Tips for the safe use of tools and equipment are also provided.

Preparing for Placement

Provides an overview of common concrete construction tasks that take place before placement begins. Covers elevations and subgrade preparation, as well basic form types, joints, and pre-placement inspections.

Reinforcing Concrete

Explains the selection and uses of different types of reinforcing materials. Describes requirements for bending, cutting, splicing, and tying reinforcing steel and the placement of steel in footings and foundations, walls, columns, and beams and girders.

Foundations and Slabs-On-Grade

Covers basic site layout safety, tools, and methods; layout and construction of deep and shallow foundations; types of foundation forms; layout and formation of slabs-on-grade; and forms used for curbing and paving.

Vertical Formwork

Covers the applications and construction methods for types of forming and form hardware systems for walls, columns, and stairs, as well as slip and climbing forms. Provides an overview of the assembly, erection, and stripping of gang forms.

Horizontal Formwork

Describes elevated decks and formwork systems and methods used in their construction. Covers joist, pan, beam and slab, flat slab, composite slab, and specialty form systems and provides instructions for the use of flying decks, as well as shoring and reshoring systems.

Site Concrete

Describes the construction of various placements that are common to many building construction projects, including curbs and gutters, stairways and steps, walks, driveways, and patios.

Finishing Concrete

Identifies and describes how to apply basic concrete finishing techniques. Includes coverage of floating and trowleing, edging, jointing, and various surface finishes.

Curing and Protecting Concrete

Describes the essential concrete curing and protection process. Introduces various approaches to curing and the primary factors that significantly affect the resulting strength and durability of the placement.

concrete I Registration Form

Registration for Concrete I has closed for the Spring '24 semester. If you have questions about availability, please reach out to Jasmine Weston at jweston@wmcinstitute.com

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